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Thursday, 27 01 2011
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Department of Robotic Systems

Ulrich Seibold
Dr.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering

Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics
Department of Robotic Systems
Muenchnerstrasse 20
D-82234 Wessling

Phone: ++49 (0) 81 53 / 28-2455
Fax:     ++49 (0) 81 53 / 28-1134
email:  ulrich.seibold(AT)dlr.de

Fields of activity

  • Concepts and development of tactile and kinesthetic force sensors for application in minimally invasive robotic surgery.
  • Concepts and development of wrist and end-effectors kinematics for minimally invasive surgical instruments.
  • Miniaturized mechatronic drive systems for medical applications.
  • Development of strategies and devices for haptic feedback and sensory substitution for teleoperation.
  • More generally, I'm interested in robotic and mechatronic components in the fileds of precision, micro, medical and optical engineering.


Short CV



Mechanical Engineering at Munich Technical University, Germany


Mechanical Engineering at Braunschweig Technical University, Precision and Microtechnology Option


DAAD Exchange Program to University of Waterloo, Ont., Canada

since 2000

Researcher at DLR, Institute of Robotics



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Finalist for best video award: Konietschke, R.; Hagn, U.; Nickl, M.; Jörg, S.; Tobergte, A.; Passig, G.; Seibold, U.; Le.Tien, L.; Kuebler, B.; Gröger, M.; Fröhlich, F.; Rink, Ch.; Albu-Schäffer, A.; Grebenstein, M.; Ortmaier, T.; Hirzinger, G. (2009) The DLR Miro Surge - A Robotic System for Surgery. Video contribution presented at ICRA 2009

Third Place at CURAC: Hagn, U., Nickl, M., Jörg, S., Tobergte, A., Kübler, B., Passig, G., Gröger, M., Fröhlich, F., Seibold, U., Konietschke, R., Le-Tien, L., Albu-Schäffer, A., Grebenstein, M., Ortmaier, T. & Hirzinger, G. (2008) DLR MiroSurge -- towards versatility in surgical robotics 7. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Computer- und Roboterassistierte Chirurgie e.V. Proceedings of CURAC, 2008, pp. 143 - 146


Supervised diploma thesis

Fröhlich, M. (2012): Towards realistic haptic organ phantoms for medical training on minimally invasive robotic surgery systems.

Göppner, K. (2010): Online measurement of cable tension in a minimally invasive surgical instrument.

Schwier, A. (2008): Integration of fiberoptic sensors in a minimally invasive surgical instrument.

Thielmann, S. (2008): Design of a drive unit for surgical forceps.

Schechner, V. (2007): Concept and ergonomics of a bi-manual haptic workstation for minimally invasive robotic surgery.

Kübler, B. (2003): Design of a drive unit for medical forceps in the field of minimal invasive robotic surgery.

Sturm, M. (2000): Mechanical design of surgical forceps for minimal invasive telesurgery.

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