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Thursday, 27 01 2011
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Department of Robotic Systems

 Lecture: 'Planning Techniques for Robotic Applications' WS 2011/2012 at TUM will be given in SS 2013 with a slightly different title : "Advanced planning algorithms for robotics" VL 2 + 1 UE

All information regarding this lecture will be found here. This course will be given weekly at TUM, Informatikzentrum Garching.


In this lecture, many planning algorithms will be presented which are of current interest in research for future robotic applications. The applications range from assembly through service robotics to exploration tasks for mobile robots. At the beginning, the lecture deals with different representations for static as well as for deformable objects. In addition C-spaces will be introduced and it will be explained, how these spaces can be obtained by applying various techniques. Furthermore, it will be shown how robots can locate themselves in uncertainly known environments by using different kinds of particle filters. Moreover, we will see how uncertainties can be considered during planning of advanced robotic actions, i.e. manipulation and assembly. Therefore, Mason's compliance frame concept will be introduced and it is shown how compliant motions can be planned before executing them with appropriate robot arms. Handling deformable objects will also be of interest during the lecture. In addition, an introduction into planning assembly sequences is given. At the end, we will show how form and force closure grasps can be obtained for multi-finger grippers. Therefore, the lecture will cover many topics from robot localization through probabilistic path planning to grasp and assembly planning for future robotic technologies.


Friday from 9.00 - 10.30 in room: MI 0307023

First lecture starts at 28th of October

Appointments for Exam

Next Appointments between 04/16/2012 and 04/20/2012


ECTS 3.0; oral exam at the end of semester


Fundamentals of robotics (Robotik 1) which can also be attended in parallel


Will be given for each topic separately during the lecture



Dr. Ulrike Thomas

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